Sunday, January 29, 2017

Things in My Room

💭 1.29.17

Next to the fake bird I got from my cousin's quinceñera, I have a succulent plant that's halfway dead and halfway content with my love that I binge give every once in a blue moon. Right in front of that life is a present from ex-coworkers who blessed me with a few seeds of something with only instructions of how to fall in love again with Christ. Then there was the empty tissue box that I threw away a second ago because de-cluttering is good for the soul. My lavender-vanilla sleep lotion that my mom got me for Christmas. My newly bought office supplies. My "breath of fresh air"toner water that I bought weeks ago at the LUSH store in ...St. Matthews'? OR maybe Oxmoor...
Hair products, rainbow candles that drip red and blue tears. My stack of 'thank you' cards that I haven't yet sent to all my loved ones in college. Memories of professors and old friends, new lovers and a saintly grandmother who watches me from her heavenly home. Green tea pills that are supposed to help me lose weight yet only burden me with more things to remember and I forget. Christmas presents, Winnie the Pooh chap stick, incense sticks, books and journals. Clothes in my closet and shoes on a rack. A couple bottles of mike's hard leftover from New Year's and it's January 29th. A bed. A mini money bank. This laptop. A purse. Contacts. A trashcan. Laundry used and cleaned.White, pearl earrings.
Face masks and make up remover wipes.
A painting my soul friend gave me this last Friday as a late Christmas present.
A yoga mat and jump rope.
A rock collection.
A room of one's own.

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