Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If I'm Being Honest

Truth: I don't know everything and I sometimes feel like I don't know anything.
Lie: The heart is always right.
Sometimes our heads are pulling our thoughts one way but then our hearts pull our actions the other way.  I have to apologize to many for acting on my heart when logic shows that people feel differently about different things.
I get too big-pictured.
Let me make this clear.
I hate the idea of a wall and Trump is like the AntiChrist to me, or at least a version of Hitler. But. there is always a good and a bad to people and if we want to make something good happen where both sides are happy, or at least content and acknowledge that both sides are wrong, then we have to communicate.
I have to stop crying every time someone mentions...his...name. However, a very dear friend of mine has provided me a goal.
Pause. Getting too big-pictured again.
My friend shares media from the left and right and argues for both. She picks and chooses and says her mind. She's the most accepting woman I've met and cares for immigrant families. Yet, she shares videos explaining the logic of why excess immigration is bad.
Pause. I'm not explaining very clearly.
But the goal is...to stop beign such a baby and listen and communicate with both sides. Stop being so scared of not being liked.
I'm choosing to dislike a person but I have to at least give clear reasoning why.

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